Andie's COVID-19 Response Email

Andie's COVID-19 response email goes the extra mile with personality and hospitality to their readers. Also, there's a dog mentioned so that scores extra points.

We've officially reached a point in marketing where "Hi everyone!" is now more personable than "Hi {{}}!"
Melanie starts with a friendly and clever introduction that introduces the reason for sending the email. Showing, or even just mentioning a dog is a sure way to score some easy points with readers (I'm serious).
The honesty and vulnerability is a great way to connect with readers. The conversational tone really helps the reader to get to know Melanie and her vision for the company and community.
Here's the best part of the email: actually relevant offers to engage with their team. Email Melanie directly, engage over Instagram, or talk on the phone. "I'm always here to listen, laugh, and sometimes cry with every Andie woman." is great.
The email wraps with another personal note, extending hospitality and empathy with their audience.
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