Bounceless's Facebook Ad

Bounceless targets qualified prospects by speaking directly to a pain they're possibly experiencing. A great example of crafting copy for sending traffic directly to signup for your product.

The copy is textbook. Three lines. Three different purposes. It follows nicely with the "Pain Dream Fix" framework for writing conversion-focused copy.
The first line introduces the pain. Only someone who knew "Omnivore Error" would be someone who would (1) understand the ad, and (2) experience the pain that their product alleviates.
Second line paints a picture of what it'll be like to alleviate the pain — AKA the "Dream" portion of the framework. It's the end result a potential customer is looking for.
Line three introduces the solution and bridges the mental gap between the pain and the dream. "Omnivore error ring a bell? Fixing it will make your life easier. And Bounceless can help you do that."
The image repeats the pain and then communicates how easy it is to get started. Notice how the branding matches Mailchimp and utilizes the stark yellow that stands out and grabs attention.
It's definitely a little tricky using a big brand name like Mailchimp in your ads, so they cleverly refer to them as "The Chimp." But the copy still communicates exactly what someone should expect on the other side of the ad.
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