Fomo's About Page

Fomo's about page focuses on the philosophy of the product rather than the usual stale, corporate style.

Fomo starts with a punchy paragraph that gets straight to the core of why Fomo exists. While most about pages focus on location, origin story, and rather unimportant content. Fomo focuses on their ethos. Their vision.
When communicating the product and company vision, asking "What will continue to be true in 5-10 years?" is a great way to unearth that ethos, which is what Fomo's about page leads with here.
Talking about why a company is founded — without using fluffy jargon about changing the world and making an impact — gives it so much more weight. It's tangible and believable.
Each core team member is given a content card with their name, a fantastically fun bio, and a link.
Notice that there are no titles listed for each member. Ryan, the company's founder, blends in with the rest of the team... in stark contrast to the stale, pompous corporate style most about pages have adopted.
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