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Abstract's Expired Trial Email

Abstract's expired trial email balances simplicity with clever design by leveraging loss aversion, consistency bias, and a clear CTA. Expired trial emails don't have to be bland or awkward. By being direct and using clever design, Abstract is able to remind users of value while maintaining brevity.

Baremetrics' Recover Landing Page

The fantastic messaging and positioning guru Pedro Cortes and I wrote this landing page together, with his leading, in just under two hours. It shows how to take something that looks like a nice-to-have and turn it into a must-have.

Stripe's Homepage

Stripe's Homepage is a picture-perfect example of what every startup strives to emulate (but really shouldn't). They've been the source of inspiration for many, paving the way for design trends. But there's an ugly truth about it: It's impossible for Stripe to create a bad page, which is exactly why startups shouldn't try to emulate them. Design and aesthetic? Sure, go for it. But, copy and page elements? Probably can't pull it off like Stripe can.


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