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Shepherd's Landing Page

Shepherd's landing page uses straightforward copywriting to shine light on its productized service. Shepherd is a new agency that finds top overseas talent for your company. It's one of the best productized service landing pages exemplifying how to address objections, create desire, and position clearly.

Polymath's Landing Page

Polymath's landing page uses funny copy, productized services, and specific keywords to differentiate from the countless other marketing agencies. The funniest copywriter out there, Lianna Patch, wrote this page and referred me to it as one of the pages she's proud of.

Zapier's Activation Email

Zapier's activation email combines personality with clear calls to action. The #emailgeek and Queen of Email Tear Downs herself, Val Geisler, turned me on to this email that serves as a great example of how to get users to take certain actions to get value from the service.


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